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Roka Cheese Crispies

ROKA Cheese Crispies was founded by Jo Roodenrijs in 1946, as a side business to his patisserie shop in Delft, the Netherlands. The company specialized in the production of very high quality, crispy puff-pastry biscuits, abundantly flavoured with over 30% matured Gouda cheese and packed in an attractively decorated tin, with excellent storage qualities and providing an exclusive image.
By 1955 the ROKA products were sold in 32 countries and the original bakery could not cope with the growing demand any longer. It therefore had to move into a new plant, near the former premises. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s the founder changed his strategy and concentrated on the European markets, which created a more gradual growth and intensified business relationships.
The new management, embraces the original mission of being a fine example of manufacturing authentic Dutch cheese biscuits. They are made of refined puff pastry(90 layers), 12 months matured Gouda cheese and other high-quality ingredients.


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